iMovie Film Honored At Sundance

A film made with Appleis iMovie has received an Honorable Mention at the Sundance Film Festival. Appleis Hot News has posted an item by Stephanie Jorgl, which details the story of a movie made with iMovie that was shown and nominated for best short film at Sundance Film Festival. iNo Dumb Questionsi is a documentary created by Melissa Regan. From the article:

...The short tells the story of how three little girls?aged 6, 9 and 11?deal with the why, how and when questions surrounding the shocking news that their Uncle Bill will soon become their Aunt Barbara...

The article goes on to tell how Ms. Regan was able to capture her story on film and get the results entered at Sundance. From the article:

So how did she get ?No Dumb Questions? accepted into Sundance? She just filled out an application. ?Preparing for Sundance was a little overwhelming and intimidating?making posters, postcards, contacting press, all the things they say you?re supposed to do,? explains Regan.

This is a fascinating article and well worth a visit to Apple Hot News for a read.