iMovie Tutorial From DVcreators

DVcreators is now shipping a CD-ROM tutorial for iMovie. The "Making Awesome iMovies" CD is designed to be a basic level introductory course for Appleis iMovie, the consumer level editing program. The disc ships with a tutorial and info on production tips. According to DVcreators: announces the release of its newest product-- a complete CD-ROM-based course on creating desktop movies called "Making Awesome iMovies"

The "Making Awesome iMovies" CD includes sections on planning, camcorder operation, shooting aesthetics, lighting, and location audio. Thereis also a 45 minute tutorial on iMovie, showing professional editing techniques used in Hollywood films, and how to add titles, filters, special effects, transitions, music and sound effects to enhance a video project.

You can find more information about The "Making Awesome iMovies" CD at the DVcreators Web site. The "Making Awesome iMovies" CD is available for US$29.95.