iMovie Updated To 3.0.3: Performance ("Especially For G3") & Ken Burns Effect Improvem

Apple released an update to iMovie later yesterday, bringing the app to version 3.0.3. iMovie is Appleis consumer digital video editing solution, and the new version offers improved performance, and enhancements to the Ken Burns Effect. Note that the release notes specifically say that the performance enhancements are "especially [for] G3 processors." From Appleis release notes:

What’s New in iMovie 3.0.3
iMovie 3.0.3 provides improved performance and stability, especially on G3 processor Macs, for rendering, audio, and the Ken Burns Effect. Refinements to the Ken Burns Effect allow greater control over pan and zoom of digital images, and make it easier to crop digital stills. QuickTime 6.3 is required for improvements to audio sync and audio integrity.

The download is free, and you can find more information on iMovie in general at Appleis Web site. The update is available through the Software Update Control Panel, or directly from Appleis iMovie site.