iOrganize Updated with Improved Drag-And-Drop Support

@Last Software has released an update for SketchUp, bringing it to version 2.2. SketchUp is a sketch based 3d design utility intended for architectural drafting. The update features image drag-and-drop support and other enhancements. According to @Last Software:

@Last Software today announced the release of SketchUp 2.2 for Mac OS X, the latest version of their award-winning OS X-friendly 3D design software.

SketchUp is a completely new way to design in 3D on the computer as it facilitates quick and easy 3D form creation, viewing and modification. Sophisticated enough for complex projects yet accessible enough for beginners, SketchUp empowers all members of the design team to work digitally.

New Features in SketchUp 2.2 for Mac OS X:

  • Texture Palettes Picker added to the Apple Color Picker enables management and creation of textured material libraries
  • Drag and drop support for a wide range of raster image types including PDF, PSD, PICT, EPS, TGA, SGI, and BMP
  • Color By Layer and assignment of a material to a layer
  • SketchUp (*.SKM) file format support for cross-platform sharing of material libraries
  • Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Editable Value Control Box
  • Export Options for DWG, DXF and 3DS formats
  • Enhanced Template support
  • Drawing Style preferences
  • Vector printing and PDF output from Wire frame and Hidden Line display modes
  • Plug-in for RIB export

You can find more information about the SketchUp update at the @Last Software Web site. SketchUp is available for US$495.00