iPat Version 1.6 Now Shipping

Snake Oil Software has released iPat Randomizer version 2.1. iPat is an iTunes utility designed for creating and executing user defined random playlists. The app allows for random definitions including size, track, or name. According to Snake Oil Software:

Snake Oil Software is pleased to announce the release of iPat Randomizer (version 2.1), a "whatever-ware" (read: "free") application developed with Apple Computeris AppleScript Studio software.

iPat Randomizer is an AppleScript Studio application designed for creating random playlists from an iTunes library. The user can designate a specific size, track count and/or name for the random playlist, and can filter tracks used for the random playlist based on whether the Library track is enabled.

iPat Randomizer was developed specifically for creating iPod playlists from large iTunes music collections, but can be used to create random playlists for whatever use the user desires.

You can find more information about the iPat Randomizer release at the Snake Oil Software Web site. iPat Randomizer is available as freeware.