iPhoto Is Picture Perfect

Several recent article proclaim Appleis iPhoto to be iCool. iPhoto has been available for a month and already it has received a steady stream of accolades from mainstream press publications. The latest of praise comes from St. Paul, MNis Pioneer Planet, and columnist, Julio Ojada-Zapata, who thinks iPhoto is the life of the party. Mr. Ojada-Zapata writes:

IPhoto, released last month, has been my constant companion on the Powerbook as Iive exploited the programis impressive features. Few are new, but iPhoto is revolutionary in one way: It makes digital photography truly consumer-friendly at no cost (assuming users have digital cameras and Macs running Mac OSX.

Mr. Ojada-Zapata found a lot to love about iPhoto, from its organizational capabilities to the ease at which it allows users to get prints, but he did find a few things that rubbed him the wrong way.

Iim astounded that I canit e-mail photos from within iPhoto. Apple does offer a "script" consisting of an icon that sits on the desktop. Drag a photo from iPhoto to the icon and an e-mail appears with the photo embedded in the message area. Enter the recipientis e-mail address and click to send.

Cool, but not cool enough. I want to just click an iPhoto "e-mail photo" button.

The Pioneer Planet article details other features of iPhoto, stop by and have a read.