iPod.iTunes Updated With iPod Cloning

crispSofties has released an update for iPod.iTunes, bringing it to version 2.5. iPod.iTunes is an MP3 utility designed for transferring tracks and playlists from iTunes to and iPod without the duplication of titles. The update features dual playlist support and iPod cloning. According to crispSofties

After two beta releases crispSofties is pleased to announce the final release of iPod.iTunes 2.5. iPod.iTunes provides real synchronization of tracks and playlists from any iPod to any Mac.

iPod.iTunes gives the choice to synchronize tracks, playlists or both - automatically with one click, or manually. The manual mode creates a list of iPod tracks not in iTunes, and allows to copy desired tracks from that list.

New in iPod.iTunes 2.5:

  • Keep music and playlists on different Macs up to date
  • Do a full restore of tracks and playlists - i.e. after a hard disk failure
  • Revert accident deletion of tracks and/or playlists, if these are still on your iPod
  • Clone an iPod
  • Transfer an entire music library from one Mac to another via the iPod

You can find more information about the iPod.iTunes update at the crispSofties Web site. iPod.iTunes is available as "Pay-what-you-like-ware" starting from US$15.00-$30.00.