iPod2iTunes Renamed And Upgraded To 2.0

crispSofties has released a new version of iPod.iTunes, bringing it to version 2.0. iPod.iTunes is an MP3 utility designed for transferring tracks and playlists from iTunes to and iPod without the duplication of titles. The latest version features several enhancements including a refined interface and improved functionality. According to crispSofties

After four beta releases crispSofties is pleased to announce the final release of iPod.iTunes 2.0. iPod.iTunes provides real synchronization of tracks and playlists from any iPod to any Mac.

New in iPod.iTunes 2.0:


  • Complete new and user friendly Aqua interface with tabs for Settings, Synchronization and Tools. Twin progress bars to show work done and how many tracks or playlist entries have been synchronized. A Log & Guide area shows in black text whatis currently happening and guiding messages in blue


  • True one-click synchronization of tracks and/or playlists entries. A mode to copy synchronized tracks manually as in iPod2iTunes 1.x is still available
  • Playlist synchronization no longer requires to run track synchronization before (in case the corresponding tracks are already in iTunes)


  • Up to 40% faster synchronization
  • An option to give transferred iPod playlists a prefix to have them separated from other iTunes playlists with the same name
  • Synchronization of smart playlists is an option now (creates common playlists)
  • Various smaller improvements and fixes


  • iPod2iTunes has been renamed to iPod.iTunes
  • New application icon

You can find more information about the latest iPod.iTunes releases at the crispSofties Web site. iPod.iTunes updates to2.0 are available for what ever price you choose, while the full version is available as "Pay-what-you-like-ware" starting from US$15.00-$30.00.