iPodResQ Announces 4G iPod Repair Support

ResQ Systems announced Tuesday itsiPodResQ 24-Hour Nationwide iPod repair program is now supporting the new 4th generation 20GB and 40GB iPods, announced July 19 by Apple.

Upon calling the company for iPod repair, an overnight, custom-designed iiBox,i built to insure safe transit for all iPods, will be sent to a customer via overnight courier for US$29.00. A technician will then diagnose any problems and then quote a total repair price. Once approved, the repair is then completed within one business day and the iPod is returned overnight.

"We offer a premier service," Shannon Jean, President of ResQ Systems, LLC, told The Mac Observer. "Our iPod service is 24-hour turn-around and there is virtually no one in the country that we are aware of that is offering this service."

Mr. Jean said the iPod ResQ service should not be confused or compared with that of Appleis AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod. "AppleCare is a great thing," he said. "Our programs do not compete with theirs. This is strictly a program for those million or so iPods that are already out of (the one-year) warranty. If youire buying an iPod, we completely recommend you buy Appleis extended, two-year coverage. We are not competing for those customers."

Apple announced an extended warranty program for iPods in late November of last year for US$59.00. The plan extends the service and support coverage of an iPod, its included accessories, and iTunes to up to two years from the original purchase date. In addition, owners can get direct access to Apple experts for answers by phone for two years instead of 90 days.

The only part of an iPod repair that MacResQ could compete with Apple for would-be damage to a unit as a result of abuse. In those cases, Apple would not make repairs and cover them under the AppleCare program. MacResQ would quote a repair cost just as Apple would, and possibly at a more inexpensive price, Mr. Jean said. "The biggest difference in the case of a damage unit would be we could get it back to the customer in 24 hours. Apple would probably not be able to do that."