iPodStyles Announces Hand-Made iPod Protectors

iPodStyles announced Monday the launch of its fabriX iPod cases, available in 16 colors for between US$14.99 and $19.99, each.The iPod protectors come in a variety of colors including Alluring Red (see photo below), Black Classic, Blue crush, Candy Stripes, Legally Pink, Para Red, Purple Ivory, Sea Spray and more.

The company said the fabriX cases are handmade especially for the iPod using high-grade fabrics such as cotton, corduroy and nylon, and inner quilt padding. In addition, the cases will not stretch and can be washed.

iPodStyles said the cases are not being massed produce, but instead are handmade exclusively for each order. "Upon order confirmation, the cases will be shipped in one week," the company said in a prepared statement.