iPod/Windows Link Around The Corner

Got a PC and an iPod and you want the two to talk? There are some apps available for the PC that do an OK job of getting song to your iPod, but they are nowhere near the simplicity iTunes provide to Mac users. That may be changing very soon. News.com is reporting that Apple and MediaFour and others are pushing to release PC-to-iPod software in the very near future. From the News.com article titled iPod-Windows link getting stronger :

Software maker MediaFour plans to release on Monday its XPlay program, the companyis first Windows application for connecting PCs with Apple Computeris iPod digital music player.

But Apple may be close behind with its own Windows-to-iPod software, Needham analyst Charles Wolf wrote in a Friday research note. Wolf said the release of Windows syncing software could boost the iPod to 10 percent of the portable digital music player market.

Good article. Stop by News.com for all the details.