iPod Clones Deliver Less Flash for Less Money

If youire looking for a less expensive iPod or want to get on an Apple fanaticis bad side this holiday season, German knock-offs are your ticket.

From Medion in Germany comes the MD 95200 (reviewed by DAPreview.net, and found via Gizmodo, as little information about the product is available on the Web), a product with a slightly less catchy name and slightly less fancy design.

Slightly isnit an exaggeration -- from its click wheel to an iPod-sized screen screen, itis likely that at quick glance the Medion player could be mistaken for a U2 iPod. It even sports a chipset from PortalPlayer, the company that provides the power behind the iPod.

There are some differences, though. For starters, the click wheel has 6 buttons, and while the 20GB player provides ample storage, an SD/MMC card slot is also provided (capable of downloading photos from a digital camera to the device), as well as an integrated microphone. The bulkier package also accommodates a removable, rechargeable battery. The user interface mimics the iPod but lacks the fit and finish that only Apple seems to be able to manage.

The kicker? The MD 95200 sells for just ?199, or ?130 less than Appleis 20GB iPod.

If an iPod mini clone is more up your alley, Micromaxx delivers with the Multifunktionale Digitale Jukebox MM42452 (HardMac.com has a photo of the box). The 5GB player comes complete with what appears to be Appleis own distinct iPod headphones, features a wannabe-click wheel, and an icon-based interface.

The player sells for ?249, but a promotion knocks the price down to ?199 (although it can be had for ?179), a ?60-?80 savings over an iPod mini.