iPod Controller Maker Reports Record Profits

Synaptics, the maker of the click wheel selector on Appleis iPods, announced Thursday record profits for its second fiscal quarter ended December 31st, 2004. The company reported profits of US$9.7 million on revenue of V.5 million. The company cited "robust growth" in demand for portable media players as a driving force for its revenue and profits.

The companyis profits rose 178% over the year ago quarter, rising in tune with Appleis record iPod sales. During the December quarter, Apple sold some 4.5 million iPods, each with a Synaptics-built click wheel. Profits came in at 33 cents per share, 3 cents better than the consensus estimate of 30 cents per share.

"We had a tremendous quarter and achieved our third consecutive quarter of record revenue and earnings," Francis Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Synaptics, said in a statement. "Our results reflect robust demand for portable digital music players during the holiday season as revenue outside of the PC market grew sharply to 43% of total revenue compared with 33% in the immediately preceding quarter."

You can find more information about Synaptics at the companyis Web site.