iPod Leads Professed "Apple Hater" to Consider iBook

Michael is a self professed Apple Hater, or he was until he got an iPod. HardwareGeeks.com has published a review of the iPod from this one-time hater of all things Apple, and according to his review, the iPod has made Michael look at things in an entirely new light. From the article:

I am the first to admit that I hate Apple. I do not need anyone to convince me of that. But I do know when to give credit when credit is due. So after hearing all the rave reviews and great comments about the iPod I started to want one. Then they released the new iPod minis and I wanted one even more. But like I said I hate Apple and didnit get one. But today while at Circuit City I saw it and I decided to get it.

The review then goes into detail about his experience with receiving, opening, setting up, and testing his iPod. After using his iPod, Michaelis conclusion was an overwhelmingly positive one. So much so, in fact, that he says the iPod has caused him to change his opinion of the company he once hated. From the piece:

I guess in the end I am not much of an Apple hater after all. I honestly have no real complaints about the iPod and itis a spectacular product. I am really thinking about getting an iBook since I am on the market for a laptop but since the laptop I was considering cost $800 and the PowerBook G4 with similar specs is in the $2000 range I might have to hold off on that for a while if I do decide to get an iBook. Heck, I maybe even get a Power Mac G5. If the iPod is any indication on the quality of products Apple has to offer then maybe they are worth the high price so many people criticize Apple about.

Michaelis full review is at HardwareGeeks.com, and we recommend it as a very, very interesting read.