iPod Listening Station Featured In Japanese Music Store/No Doubt Hoists Apple Logo

TMO Forum regular jinkies420, writing from Japan, discovered an iPod on display at a HMV store in Nagoya, Japan. Better yet, she took the time to tell us all about it:

I was browsing the ubiquitous listening stations, when all of a sudden, I saw an iPod listening station! It was done in conjunction with a Nescafé coffee drink promo CD that was out (featuring "local" Japanese artists of the house and DJ persuasion, so it seems). I was immediately drawn to the listening station, and actually ended up buying the CD for my brother.

The iPod was on a podium, with a plexiglass case around it, protecting it from world-be thieves. (Not me, of course.) It left the controls open, and I spent lots of time spinning the wheel, much to my delight. There was also a note on the podium, which ended with this statement in both English and Japanese: "Donit steal music." The RIAA is dancing, Iim sure. Ha!

Also, it seems as though the band No Doubt are quite happy using Macs for their productions. Jinkies also included this:

Rock Steady is an Enhanced CD (and not protected, apparently, since I was able to rip MP3s), and the liner notes indicate the Mac platform requirements before mentioning its bastard cousin, Windows. I watched the materials, which are all in QuickTime and Flash. The "enhanced" part of the CD even includes a QT 5.0 installer. Iive attached a screen shot of the closing screen, just before you quit the enhanced portion. Check out the prominent logo! There is also a Power PC briefly visible in the "making of" documentary, which is part of the included materials.

If youive spotted Macs in the press, on film, or anywhere else, feel free to send them to me at macsightings@macobserver.com!