iPod Organization App From ProVUE

ProVUE has released a new plug-in for the iPod called Panorama. The Panorama iPod Organizer is an app designed to turn any iPod into a personal database. Users can save contacts, phone numbers, and appointments and can access the information using the iPod jog wheel. According to ProVUE:

ProVUE Development today announces the release of the Panorama iPod Organizer. This new software for Macintosh systems allows the Apple iPod(tm) to be used as a data organizer in addition to itis normal role as a music player. The iPodis jog wheel makes it easy to quickly locate any of the data stored on the device.

With the Panorama iPod Organizer users can store and access phone numbers, email addresses, flight numbers, appointment times and more on their iPods. Data can be entered and edited in the Panorama iPod Organizer itself or can be imported from other database or contact manager software. Information can be organized on the iPod into custom categories (Home, Work, Travel, etc.).

The Panorama iPod Organizer requires no special software on the iPod. To transfer data to the iPod the package exports the data as tiny MP3 files compatible with iTunes. (The MP3 files are silent.) When the iPod is synced with the Macintosh all of the contact information is automatically transferred to the iPod. The organizer information is extremely compact -- in fact, 1,000 contacts will use less than 0.1% of the space on the iPodis 5 gigabyte hard drive.

You can find more information about the Panorama iPod Organizer at the ProVUE Web site. Panorama iPod Organizer is available for US$19.95.