iPod Software Updates with iTunes 7

One of the benefits of iTunes 7 is that it manages software updates for your iPod so that you donit have to download and run updaters yourself. Since you donit have to rely on other applications to handle the job for you, it should be easier to ensure that your iPod always has the latest software installed. Hereis how it works:

When a new iPod software update is available, iTunes 7 displays an alert dialog with options to download and install the update, only download the update, or cancel. I prefer to just download the updates so that I can make sure there arenit any reported issues with the software before I install it.

iTunes 7 alerts you to new iPod software updates.

If you choose to download or download and install the update, the iPod Software Update dialog gives you some more information about the updater before you proceed. Click the Continue button to start the download.

iTunes tells you what the update includes before downloading it.

Once the download completes, the iPod information window in iTunes tells you that a new update is available for your iPod. To install it, click the Update button. To see the iPod information window, connect your iPod to your computer, and then select its name from the Devices section in the iTunes source list.

Select your iPod from iTuneis source list to see the Update button.

After the update is installed, iTunes displays a dialog warning you not to disconnect your iPod while it restarts. Click OK and wait for your iPod to reappear in the iTunes source list.

Donit disconnect your iPod while installing updates.

If you have additional iPods that are compatible with the update, iTunes will let you install the software on those devices, too. If the update is not compatible with a specific iPod model, or it has already been installed, the Update button is disabled.

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