iPod Update 1.2 Released

Apple has released the iPod 1.2 update, adding a number of new features. From the iPod download page:

iPod Software 1.2 adds support for spoken word content from Audible.com. Download and listen to your favorite novel or magazine in your car, in the gym, in your living room or out in your backyard. Wherever, in fact you take your iPod.

iPod Software 1.2 also adds support for iTunes 3 Sound Check, which automatically adjusts for drastic differences in volume between different songs for a more consistent listening experience. New menus let you browse your music by Genres and Composers in addition to browsing by Artists, Albums and Song titles.

Stay on top of your schedules and appointments. It?s easy to transfer your calendar from iCal (available soon) to your iPod, so you?ll always have access to it when you?re away from your computer. There?s even an alarm that you can set to remind you about upcoming meetings and events.

Also added to the new features: added information indicating when it is safe to disconnect the FireWire cable, and a clock. You can download the update from Appleis iPod Software Download page.