iPod Your Car (Even if it's not a BMW)

If you ever wanted to integrate an iPod into your car stereo but donit own a BMW, Monster Cable will soon have be able to take care of your needs with iCruze. Announced Tuesday, iCruze enables an iPod to be connected to a caris factory or aftermarket system through either the head unitis CD changer or satellite radio port.

The device is also available with an optional multi-line 20 character display, in the event that your caris head unit canit display track information from the iPod. The iPod is controlled through the stereo and, like the iCruze itself, can remain hidden during operation.

iCruze will ship later this Fall for $199.95. Pricing for the optional display has not been announced. A countdown on the iCruze home page (either for more information or a ship date) is currently showing 26 days.