iPod shuffle RAID

File this one under useless but amusing: an iPod shuffle owner paired his 1GB shuffle with three of his friendsi to create a 3.9GB striped RAID array through a USB 2.0 hub.

"Iim sure that normal folks would probably take these home, install iTunes 4.7.1 from the CD in the box, and happily start putting music on the little things, but I had other plans for them...," Jim Wright noted in his blog entry, which includes photos of the entire rig.

Wrightis original intent was to install Mac OS X 10.3 on the new Shuffle RAID volume, but the installer wouldnit allow installation on a Stripe or Mirrored RAID set. He then tried installing Mac OS X 10.3 on an individual 1GB shuffle but also ran into problems, "possibly due to how the volume itself is made available to this OS."

Nonetheless Wright copied 1.86GB of data to the Shuffle RAID in just under 11 minutes. "Obviously if each Shuffle had been on their own independent USB 2.0 bus, this speed would have been improved." Well, obviously...

Shuffle RAID