iPods Take The Place Of Turntables For Some DJs

A DJ has a lot to lug around. On top of the large equipment, milk crates full of vinyl LPs can get heavy. So what is a spindly, geeky DJ to do? Take one DJ, two iPods, and a mixer, and youive got yourself an MP3J, according to an article at MethodShop. While not perfect, the iPod system is gaining in popularity. From MethodShop:

Thereis two ways to DJ with an iPod. The first is to go "pure Pod" and set up with two iPods and a mixer. This method is less perfect and more for the crowdis geek-fun of it all. The mp3jis doing all the mixing are usually audience members like at noWax or APT. The other way is to go "pro Pod." People who actually get paid to DJ can hook their iPods to a laptop and use programs like DJ Studio or Final Scratch. They can then pretty much pre-program the entire night, but thatis no fun is it? You might as well just turn on the jukebox.

Sure it sounds great, but MP3Jing has its drawbacks. Especially for the professional DJ. Which would you rather pay money to watch: a DJ sitting behind a laptop/iPod pushing buttons, or the real deal spinning vinyl and rocking that cross fader? Unfortunately with the MP3Jing method, gone is the expert physical touch of a DJ and his vinyl. And some people feel that itis just not the same.

You can read the full article at MethodShopis Web site.