iRez Lowers Price On Cool Kritter Camera

If you have been holding out for a USB Web cam, wait no longer. iRez has lowered the price on their ultra-cool KritterUSB camera to a very affordable US$69.95. The KritterUSB allows users to capture video or still pictures, and comes in one of the neatest looking packages around. According to iRez:

Videoconference with your friends and co-workers. Slap an image onto a web page. E-mail your babyis picture to her grandmother. Run a real-time webcam. The KritterUSB is suitable for all of these applications, and more.

The KritterUSB contains advanced hardware designed for squeezing bandwidth-hungry video data into the narrow USB pipe. More specifically, KritterUSB? grabs visual images, processes them, and compresses those images into a signal that is sent to your Windows 98 or 2000 PC or Macintosh. Once there, the compressed video information is decompressed and displayed in real-time on your monitor.

The KritterUSB includes software for PC and Macintosh for capturing video, capturing stills, videoconferencing, and World Wide Web video applications. With the convenience of the hot-pluggable USB interface and its universal camera mount, the KritterUSB can be used almost anywhere to bring your vision to life.

You can take advantage of this great price, and find more information, at the iRez Web site.