iSkin Shipping Wirekess Keyboard Protectors

iSkin Inc. is now shipping the ProTouch XT for Mac users. The ProTouch XT is a silicon based protective case designed to prevent dirt, liquids, and other particulate from damaging a keyboard. The skin fit both standard and wireless keyboards. According to iSkin Inc:

iSkin Inc. today introduced the ProTouch XT, a protector for Apple keyboard and Apple wireless keyboard designed to offer complete surface protection while maintaining the natural typing feel of the keyboard.

Crafted from durable high-grade silicone, the ProTouch XT offers a full-coverage transparent barrier to keep the keyboard free of dirt, food spills and other hazards. The ProTouch XT’s form-fitting design ensures the protector stays in place, allowing key characters to show through clearly without compromising the functionality of the keyboard.

You can find more information about the ProTouch XT at the iSkin Inc. Web site. The ProTouch XT is available for US$29.99