iStopMotion Updated With A New Timeline

GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH has released an update for iStopMotion, bringing it to version 0.6. iStopMotion is an app designed for stop motion animation using consumer digital cameras. The update adds several new features including a new timeline and voice control. According to GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH:

iStopMotion has now been updated to version 0.6. The "Easter Egg" release features improved speed, a completely new timeline, voice control and much more.

In time for the Easter holidays, the release brings fun to everyone interested in the Stop Motion Animation technique. And, of course, it sports an "Easter Egg".

You can find more information about the iStopMotion update at the GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH Web site. iStopMotion prerelease version is currently available as a free download.