iTMS/Pepsi Promo Includes Fountain Drinks

So, this Dude is walking along, itis Super Bowl Sunday, and heis just, you know, just chillini and stuff, and he gets thirsty. Heis a Pepsi Drinker, and a huge iTunes fan, and he was conveniently passing by a convenient store (which could be why they are so named), so he stopped in to see if they had any of the new Pepsi bottles with the iTMS promotion on them.

He took a look in the bottled drink cooler, and he saw Pepsi bottles, but none with the promotion label on them. The Dude said, "Bummer!"

He walked over to get a fountain drink and pulls out a 32oz. cup (Dude was really thirsty.) and, on the cup he spied some markings that look like this:

Cup of Hope

Dude said, "Cool!"

So, he buys the drink and continued on his chillini way, sucking liquid coolness as he went, and thinking about what song heis gonna get.

Finally, just as he arrives home, he slurped the last drop of soda out of the cup and dumps the remaining ice, then goes inside. So, Dude reads the instructions on the cup that says he has to cut the rim of the cup, then unroll it to see if he won.

Dude does as the cup instructed, shaking with anticipation. He unrolled the cup rim and these words were there:

Please try again

Dude said, "Bummer!"

TMO would like to thank Jeff Stiefer for sending us the photo and alerting us to the fact that the Pepsi/iTMS promotion includes fountain drinks.