iTMS DRM-Stripping Site (PlayFair) Pulled [Updated]

[6:15 PM Update: An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on this matter, citing Appleis policy of not commenting on legal issues. - Editor]

It will come as a surprise to few, but the PlayFair site we mentioned earlier this week has been pulled. PlayFair is a command line application that will strip Appleis DRM, called FairPlay, from iTunes Music Store (iTMS) downloads. Our friends at MacSlash are reporting that PlayFairis Web site has been pulled at its home at, citing a possible Cease & Desist from Appleis legal department.

PlayFairis site is still available via Google cache, but none of the download links currently work. In addition, a Web page for the project is still available at, though its download links point to the no-longer functioning links. MacSlash says that PlayFairis project members are looking for a new host, though any such host would most likely have to be outside the US, as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is fairly clear on software such as this.

Apple spokespersons were not immediately available to comment. You can find MacSlashis report at its Web site.