iTools 7.0.1 Ships With Updated Apache And PHP Versions

Tenon Intersystems has released an update for iTools, bringing it to version 7.0.1. iTools is a server tool suite designed for Web developers needing to configure Apache directly from the Aqua desktop. The latest version ships with Apache 2.0.46 support and PHP 4.3.2. According to Tenon Intersystems:

Tenon updated their recently released iTools 7.0, a suite of Apache configuration and management tools for Mac OS X 10.2.6.

iTools 7.0.1 now ships with the latest Apache 2.0.46 and PHP 4.3.2. Apache 2.0.46 is considered the best version of Apache available; likewise the new PHP is strongly recommended for all PHP users. In addition to these Apache security fixes and Apache and PHP bug fixes, iTools 7.0.1 also includes optimizations to its new web log traffic reporting system.

You can find more information about the iTools update at the Tenon Intersystems Web site. iTools 7.0.1 is available for US$349.00, and US$299.00 for WebSTAR customers.