iTools 7.0 Now Shipping From Tenon Intersystems

Tenon Intersystems has released a new version of iTools, bringing it to version 7.0. iTools is a server tool suite designed for Web developers needing to configure Apache directly from the Aqua desktop. The latest version features support for OS 10.2.5 and ships with Apache 2.0.45. According to Tenon Intersystems:

Tenon Intersystems today announced iTools 7.0, a suite of Apache configuration and management tools for Mac OS X 10.2.5.

The new package includes the latest Apache 2.0.45 and new and improved Web-based & Aqua desktop tools for secure remote, domain-specific administration, not only for Apache, but also for DNS, and multihoming FTP.

iTools 7 is loaded with compelling new features, including built-in Web traffic log summary reports and a built-in system updater.

iTools makes Apache on Mac OS X the easiest Apache in the world to administer. iTools 7 includes extended control over networking elements that would otherwise require UNIX command line access. You can now use the iTools GUI to set up Firewall filters (on protocols, ports or IPs) and even to set up IP6 over IP4 tunneling.

Also included is mod_dav 2.0 for collaborative web development, with an easy to configure panel that lets you set up password controlled WebDAV with a single button setting.

You can find more information about the latest iTools release at the Tenon Intersystems Web site. iTools 7.0 is available for US$349.00.