iTools Now Shipping With WEBmail And WEBcalendar

Tenon Intersystems has announced an iTools bundle that includes WEBmail and WEBcalendar. iTools is a Web server tool suite designed for use by Web developers needing to configure Apache directly from the Aqua desktop. WEBmail and WEBcalendar working with iTools provides expanded performance and functionality. According to Tenon Intersystems:

Tenon Intersystems announced today that iTools 6.5, its Web server package for Appleis Mac OS X, includes a new version of WEBmail and a WEBcalendar.

Tenonis iTools anytime, anywhere WEBmail enables users to access email, via POP or IMAP, from any device running a browser. WEBmail 5.1 is fully customizable, for rebranding and localization, and can be hand-tailored with unique logos and banner advertising on a virtual host-by-virtual host basis.

You can find more information about the iTools bundle at the Tenon Intersystems Web site. iTools 6.5.1 is available for US$399.00.