iTunes-Rival MusicMatch Launches Music Sharing Feature>MusicMatch launched Tuesday a revamped version of its music sharing service that enables subscribers to send e-mails embedded with Internet links for songs they want to share. MusicMatchis overhaul brings it in line with other services that offer streaming permanent song and album downloads and subscription access to streaming music.

MusicMatch subscribers can now share playlists with fellow subscribers and others who donit subscribe to the service. In addition, MusicMatch now allows songs to be played three times before the songs lock. Then only 30-second cuts can be heard.

The limited sharing feature may help MusicMatch vie for market share with rivals for the digital music dollar, particularly Napster 2.0, Rhapsody and Apple Computeris iTunes Music Store, which doesnit offer a sharing feature.

Phil Leigh, an analyst with Inside Digital Media, told the Associated Press, "youill probably see other people follow MusicMatchis lead, particularly if it proves successful, and my guess is that it will be."

MusicMatch is currently only available to Windows users.