iTunes Catalog Updated With Improved Artwork Features

KavaSoft has released an update for iTunes Catalog bringing it to version 1.1. iTunes Catalog is a utility designed for custom iTunes album cover display. The update features improved cover artwork matching. According to KavaSoft:

KavaSoft has announced iTunes Catalog 1.1 for Mac OS X.

iTunes Catalog creates Web catalogs of your iTunes music library, displays the cover artwork for each album, and copies album artwork into iTunes.

In response to user feedback, iTunes Catalog 1.1 makes it much easier to match albums in your collection with the correct artwork. Users now have the option to delete mismatched artwork, to replace it with existing artwork from iTunes, to find alternative choices if the artwork returned by Amazon is incorrect, and to perform an advanced search using custom terms.

iTunes Catalog 1.1 now also allows users to create HTML catalogs that include artwork for every album, rather than one album per artist.

You can find more information about the iTunes Catalog at the KavaSoft Web site. iTunes Catalog is available for US$9.99.