iTunes, Mac OS X on 25 Killer Apps List

eWeekis Peter Coffee has compiled a list of what he considers to be the 25 killer applications of all time. Apple-related products, including iTunes and Mac OS X, are there along with other applications that focused on the Mac community.

The list starts in 1976 with a classic application called Electric Pencil, and MacWrite and MacPaint show up in 1984 - the same year the Mac was released.

1985 saw the release of Excel for the Mac, as well as Aldus PageMaker. PageMaker was instrumental in launching the desktop publishing revolution. Eventually it was purchased by Adobe after QuarkXPress became the dominant page layout application.

1987 brought us dBase for the Mac, and in 1990 we first saw Adobe Photoshop. And finally, 2001 ushered in Mac OS X and iTunes.

Other applications to make the list include Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Windows 3.0.

Thanks to TMO reader Bryan Carter for the heads up.