iBooks: Using "Both Margins Advance"

One of iBooks' iOS preferences that I love more than cake is within Settings> iBooks, and it's labeled Both Margins Advance.

Turning this on means that when you're reading a book, you can use either the left or the right margin to move to the next page. By default, touching the red area in my iPhone screenshot below will go back to the previous page instead.

But with Both Margins Advance on, you can tap either the blue or the red area to move to the next page. I find this makes it much easier to control my devices with one hand, especially if I'm trying to lie down and read or something.

After you've turned this setting on, you can still go to the previous page by swiping from left to right across your device. So you have the option to do that if you've gotta, but now you can use more of your screen's real estate to move ahead in the book. That's almost always what you need to do anyway, right?