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I’m a huge fan of iCal’s month view. It lets me see how busy I am (and how busy I’m going to be) at a glance, and I much prefer it to day or week view. There’s one thing I dislike about its default settings, though—the fact that event times don’t show up.

Yes, I see that my first meeting is set before the others, but what time does it start? Why do I have to select the event or change my view just to find out? Oh, the teeth gnashing. 

I’m so glad there’s a way around this, and here it is. Choose the iCal > Preferences menu item, click on the General tab, and then check the box labeled Show event times.

And from then on, each of your events in month view will have its start time right beside it. Yay!

This setting affects week view and day view, as well, but it’s not as dramatic. It’ll take those events from looking like this…

…to this.

Hey, that’s still way easier to recognize quickly. I dig it.

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Thanks! I was just lamenting the lack of times in month view. I was looking at a particular event set up in a different time zone. When I double-clicked, it showed the time in the other time zone and I was worried my alarm would be set wrong. Now I know it’s all good…great tip!

Melissa Holt

You’re welcome, Erica! Thanks for reading. smile


I have the new iPad. I originally got times on events in month view but now I don’t. I cannot find the steps in settings noted above. Any ideas?

Melissa Holt

Hey Ann,

Hmm. Is it possible that your appointments are getting added as all-day events? Try this: Add a new event into your iPad, and make sure you set a specific time for it (and be certain that the “All-Day” slider is off). Does your new event show its time?

If that’s not the problem, are you looking at the iPad in portrait mode? Try rotating the device so it switches to landscape. That might be the ticket.

Hope that helps!

Ann Rich

Thanks for your prompt reply.  I had entered event times correctly but then noticed times had disappeared. I turned the unit off/on and the times reappeared! Don’t know why/how it happened but all is well.

Melissa Holt

Hey Ann,

Happy it all worked out, even if I didn’t really help you. wink



Hi, I already had this setting checked off. My calendar does this for some events and not for others. I don’t know how to fix this.

Melissa Holt

Hi Cynn,

Is it possible that the events that aren’t showing a time are all-day events? If you double-click one to view its details, is the “all-day” box checked?



Some of my events on my MacBook Pro iCal calendar show event times (which is selected in Preferences) while others do not. I have already tried deleting and re-entering the affected events, and it makes no difference. Plus, the problem seems to exhibit randomly—only certain appointments are affected. Any ideas?

Terry Del Percio

Hi. I have the same problem that I want to see times immediately instead of going into the event.

When I go into Preferences and then under “general”, “show times” is not one of the choices. The two choices are show birthdays and show holidays.


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