iCal: Showing Event Times

I’m a huge fan of iCal’s month view. It lets me see how busy I am (and how busy I’m going to be) at a glance, and I much prefer it to day or week view. There’s one thing I dislike about its default settings, though—the fact that event times don’t show up.

Yes, I see that my first meeting is set before the others, but what time does it start? Why do I have to select the event or change my view just to find out? Oh, the teeth gnashing. 

I’m so glad there’s a way around this, and here it is. Choose the iCal > Preferences menu item, click on the General tab, and then check the box labeled Show event times.

And from then on, each of your events in month view will have its start time right beside it. Yay!

This setting affects week view and day view, as well, but it’s not as dramatic. It’ll take those events from looking like this…

…to this.

Hey, that’s still way easier to recognize quickly. I dig it.