iChocolate2 is a Yummy iPad App

Popular uses for an iPad include activities in the kitchen: TV watching, reading, browsing and, especially, recipes. iChocolate2 is an app dedicated to chocolate recipes and has 40 entries. It’s a positively yummy app.

The app is simple. There is an index on the side of the display, and one can use either orientation. A beautiful picture of the finished product is at the top. The recipes can run long with both ingredients (misspelled in many cases) and the method, so be sure to finger swipe to see everything.


Main page

The app is colorful and mouthwatering; these are some terrific recipes for chocolate delights all gathered in one place. One could even be tempted to engage in a Julie and Julia type extravaganza and do one per week.


Chocolate Brownies

One problem I noticed was that of you select the index on the top left of the home page, you’re in good shape. This brings up a popover which can be scrolled to see all the recipes - in either orientation. But if you click on “Start Your Chocolate Experience” then all you can do is step forward and backward. The index button disappears — making it hard to jump around and navigate. The author, Mark David, reports that this will be fixed in a future release. Another problem is that navigation controls go away in landscape mode if you just step through.  That could be a minor annoyance.

Quantities are listed in both metric and English units which is a nice touch. Cut, Copy and Paste are enabled in case you want to move the recipe text into, say, Bento for iPad.

If you have one of those cases or stands that can hold the iPad upright, portrait or landscape, the iPad is the perfect gadget for recipes, and this app showcases that kind of activity.

iChocolate2 for iPad is priced at US$1.99. Bon Appetit!


Chocolate Chip Cookies