iCloud Lawsuit Just Drifts Away

enter alt textIn a curious turn of events, the lawsuit brought against Apple by the Phoenix-based iCloud Communications has been dropped. iCloud Communications is now known as PhoenixSoft/Clear Digital Communications and has given up claims to the iCloud moniker.

Apple announced it’s upcoming iCloud service at the June 6, 2011 keynote for its World Wide Developers Conference, and was shortly thereafter sued by iCloud Communications for trademark infringement. The company argued that it’s name had been in use since 2005 and that it would cause substantial confusion for customers since it also provided cloud-based services for its customers.

Ars Technica is now reporting that iCloud Communications, or is it Clear Digital Communications, has asked for dismissal of the case. In a one-page document they have asked for dismissal with prejudice, meaning they can’t refile at a later time. Essentially they have given up all claims to the name.

While the Apple legal team has an excellent track record with such lawsuits (remember Cisco and the iPhone name), this one is curious in that iCloud Communications never registered the iCloud name. Guess who did back in May 2008.

The Phoenix-based company’s website is also undergoing some changes. It’s former domain of geticloud.com is no longer active. It seems that the company has moved to the phoenixsoft.com domain, and changes to it’s Facebook page also tell the tale of the name change.