IDC: Apple Owned Almost 90% of Tablet Market in 3Q10

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Research firm IDC reported on Tuesday that the 3Q10 worldwide market for media tablets grew 45.1% from the previous quarter, driven by the strength of Apple’s iPad, which shipped 4.2 million units and owned 87.4% of the market. IDC expects that 2010 saw nearly 17 million media tablets shipped, with another 44.6 million shipped in 2011. In 2012, that total is expected to reach 70.8 million units.

IDC says it defines media tablets as “tablet form factor devices with color displays larger than 5 in. and smaller than 14 in. running lightweight operating systems (such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS) that can be based on either x86 or ARM processors. By contrast, tablet PCs run full PC operating systems and are based on x86 processors. Media tablets support multiple connectivity technologies and a broad range of applications, which differentiates them from single purpose–focused devices such as ereaders.”

On the ereader front, IDC said 2.7 million units shipped during 3Q10, a 40% jump from the previous quarter. 2010 final numbers should be 10.8 million units, which will increase to 14.7 million in 2011 and 16.6 million in 2012. Amazon’s Kindle was the market share leader in 3Q10, with 1.1 million units shipped and a 41.5% worldwide share. Pandigital, which makes the Novel ereader, came in second, while Barnes & Noble’s Nook was third.



The lead won’t last, nor should it. Apple will stay at the high end and there will be plenty of room for mid-range and low-end tablets that sport a very similar (read copied) UI.

There may even be a few other high-end tablets out there soon from the likes of Sony or Lenovo.


So what were the other tablets? The only one mentioned is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Any others it mentioned are still vaporware.

Did the Galaxy really capture 10% of the tablet market that quickly?


What is the Tablet Market Exactly?

Interesting piece about what makes up the “Tablet” Market. Are we talking about full blown computers or media devices or what?

Apple had sold about 17 million iPads. I think Samsung were predicting 1 million Galaxy pads. The Galaxy is doing really well given that it hasn’t really had the same fanfare. It will be interesting to see if Android Tablets do as well as iPads and eventually surpass the iPad. I would have to believe they will given past history. Apple will maintain the higher end profitable market while the Androids will beat each other up competing for the lower end market.

Android phones are selling like hotcakes since they offer quite a bit of functionality and cost a ton less than the iPhone in most instances (2 for 1 etc.), but in the media tablet world it will be interesting to see if people pay the higher prices for the unsubsidized tablets with the same fury as is happening with the iPad.


Congrats to Apple! Awesome, so much!
But I’m not surprised. As Apple creates a tablet market.

You compare the current iPad to potential products that have not been released; in most cases, specs and es have not even been released, and Android’s tablet software has not been released. When they are released, they will compete with the iPad 2, and we have no idea of its features or e. Apple ed the iPad so low that Samsung could only introduce a product half the size with 60% of the battery life for he same e. Samsung’s 1 million units sold were probably sold to the the Korean government.

Apple will be dominant for at least two years and probably far longer.
BTW, I’m waiting for iPad2. if Apple really do release a greater than Full HD screen on the iPad 2, then amazing! Even though now the 1gen iPad is also not bad with 9.7-inch high-resolution screen, perfect to me for watching HD movies, music videos(though sometimes need the help from iFunia video converter as lack of flash support) and playing around with thousands of iPad apps and iPad games.


I know I will buy an iPad 2 for my daughter this year. iPad 2 should be good. Probably not amazing, but it will set the standard and its magic will be in the amazing amount of apps that will add function in all aspects of life as the iPhone does.

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