IDC: No iPad Display Changes Yet

IDC analyst Tom Mainelli thinks reports that the second generation iPad will sport a higher resolution 2048x1536 display are off base. Instead, he expects the next model to keep with the same display resolution as the first generation model, and to bump up the resolution with the third generation model, according to Digital Arts.

“I think the… story probably got the resolution right, but the iPad version wrong,” Mr. Mainelli said. “Our sources say Apple has requested that manufacturers begin work on displays with that resolution for the iPad 3.”

Higher res iPad display coming? Maybe not.

Along with reports that the next iPad will sport a higher resolution display, rumors also claim the new multimedia tablet will sport a new processor, front and rear facing cameras, an SD camera card slot, and built-in GSM and CDMA 3G wireless data support.

The notion that a 2048x1536 resolution display is in the mix, however, just doesn’t work for Mr. Mainelli.

“I don’t believe anybody is ready to produce that resolution in volumes at this point,” he said. “And Apple is going to require huge volumes for the iPad 2.”