iDermal: Man Implant Magnets to Hold iPod Nano

So you want to wear your iPod nano like it was a wristwatch, but the idea of a fat band to hold it just really turns you off. What’s a fellow to do? If you’re Dave Hurban, you make the only logical move that you can and surgically embed four magnets into your own arm to hold that nano where it belongs, on your wrist.

Dave Hurban & His iPod nano

Dave Hurban and his magnetically held iPod nano

Mr. Hurban did just that with the help of Jason Williams, who is named as the “Prototype Engineer” for the project. Mr. Hurban also had the process of embedding the magnets filmed and made into a video, but we should warn you that the video (below) is absolutely not for the squeamish.

Dave Hurban's Dermal Anchors

Dave Hurban’s magnets

Technically, these magnets are a form of body modification (or body piercing) known as dermal or microdermal anchors. In this case, he used magnets, but such dermal anchors can take on other forms, as well. This is the foundation for the video’s name as posted to YouTube, which is simply “iDermal.”

If you’d rather just admire the results, look at the two images above. If you’d like to see how he performed surgery on himself, enjoy the video below, but remember what we said about not watching it if your squeamish.

iDermal Video