iFixit Retina iPad mini Tear Down Shows it's Bigger on the Inside, Sort of

The elusive Retina Display iPad mini has found its way into the hands of the crew at iFixit, and the first thing they did was put it under the knife. Their tear down showed much of what we expected to see since it's essentially a smaller version of the iPad Air, but it does have a larger than expected battery.

The new iPad mini has a bigger battery to power its Retina DisplayThe new iPad mini has a bigger battery to power its Retina Display

The Retina iPad mini packs a 24.3WHr battery where the original model uses a 16.3WHr battery. The new mini's battery's other specs are 3.75V and 6471mAh, giving it a 10 hour battery life, just like the previous model. That beefier battery make sense considering Retina Displays take more power.

Like Apple's other iPads, the Retina mini isn't easy to open or repair. Components are held in place with glue and there's plenty for the average user to break trying to get inside.

The Retina mini's A7 dual-core 64-bit processor is tucked away inside, and it looks like it's the same version that's in the iPhone 5s. It has 1GB of NAND flash memory, and Apple's M7 coprocessor, just like the iPad Air and iPhone 5s.

It's no surprise that iFixit gave the Retina iPad mini a lowly 2 out of 10 score for repairability since it's so difficult to open and the internal components are mostly glued in place. In other words, don't drop your mini; it's expensive to fix.