iFixit Breaks Down the New Mac mini

The release of a new product from Apple always leads to a prompt tear down, and that’s exactly what iFixit has done with the just-released unibody Mac mini. The Mac mini was updated on June 15, and for the first time includes user-accesible RAM slots.

Unlike earlier Mac mini models, the new design includes a twist off base that exposes the memory slots. Prior to the unibody design, opening the Mac mini to upgrade the RAM required a putty knife to release hidden case latches.

Inside the new Mac mini

The new model helps keep noise down by using rubber dampers on the internal fan, and extra fan blades help push more air with less noise.

While memory upgrades are tool-free, hard drive upgrades aren’t. The hard drive is tucked behind the logic board, and without the right tools, it looks like a chore to access.

The optical drive, which slides out after the rest of the computer’s components have been removed — including the internal power supply — is the Hitachi-LG Data Storage Super Multi DVD Rewriter (model GA32N).

Check out the iFixit Web site for the full step-by-step breakdown of the new Mac mini.