iFixit Dissects Apple’s Magic Trackpad

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Only a day after the Apple introduced its new Magic Trackpad, iFixit managed to get ahold of one and promptly stripped it down to the frame. The technology packed inside Apple’s stand-alone trackpad is both diminutive and impressive, but don’t try to take yours apart unless you know what you’re doing.

Apple’s Magic Trackpad, inside out

Like other Apple products, the Magic Trackpad relies on Broadcom chips for Bluetooth and touch recognition. Getting at those chips, however, can be a real headache.

“We’ve noticed a trend about Apple’s newer products: thin and pretty equals not user serviceable,” iFixit’s team said. “The Magic Trackpad is no exception.”

The full teardown, complete with heat guns and soldering irons, is available at the iFixit Web site.

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Well DUH! Of course they want you to think there are just regular components inside. The magic is invisible. I can see it with my special magical viewing iGlasses.

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