iFixit Guts 4th Gen iPod shuffle

Apple’s iPod shuffle is only now making it into customer’s hands, but that hasn’t stopped iFixit from stripping one down to its bare components and posting photos for all the world to see.

The components inside the fourth generation iPod shuffle are amazingly small, which makes sense considering how diminutive the new iPod is. Unfortunately, the shuffle’s size means that there really aren’t any user-serviceable parts. In fact, opening up the new shuffle could very well leave you with a dead music player.

4th gen iPod shuffle: From the inside

The battery is soldered to the logic board, so don’t plan on replacing that at home unless you’re handy with a soldering iron. The battery offers a .19 Whr capacity and about 51 mAh.

Buttons are a welcome addition to the new iPod shuffle, and like the second generation model, this one includes a ring-shaped button setup. It also includes a combo shuffle/power button and a dedicated VoiceOver button on the top of the case.

Apple introduced the fourth generation iPod shuffle at a special media event on September 1. Customers that pre-ordered one are already receiving theirs, and they should be available in stores soon, too.

The complete iPod shuffle teardown is available at the iFixit Web site.