iFixit Guts Magic Mouse for All to See

iFixit managed to get ahold of Apple's new Magic Mouse and promptly stripped it down to its bare components.

The Magic Mouse is Apple's new multi-touch buttonless pointing device. The base is aluminum, and the top surface is a sleek multi-touch surface, similar to the MacBook and MacBook Pro trackpad.

Image courtesy of iFixit.com

Most of the components are held together with glue, so don't try disassembling one yourself if you plan on using it again later.

Magic Mouse includes the eloquently named Broadcom BCM2042A4KFBGH chip for communicating with your Mac via Bluetooth. The chip was designed to be a low-cost option for wireless keyboards and mice, although at US$69 some won't consider Magic Mouse low-cost.

The full step-by-step teardown is available at the iFixit Web site.