iFixit Guts New Unibody MacBook

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Apple introduced the new unibody polycarbonate MacBook on Tuesday, and before the end of the day iFixit had already stripped one down to its screws. The new MacBook features a polycarbonate upper body, rubberized aluminum lower body, an LED backlit display, and lots of screws.

The new MacBook gained features found on its MacBook Pro cousins, such as a built-in battery and LED backlit display and Mini DisplayPort, but it lost a few features, too. The new model doesn't include a FireWire port, it lost its IR remote control port, and it doesn't include an external battery charge indicator.

Image courtesy of iFixit

The built-in hard drive is user replaceable, but it's a difficult enough task that most users won't want to do it themselves. The battery, however, is not tagged as user replaceable, even though it's positioned next to the hard drive.

The teardown once again shows the level of detail Apple's engineers went to in order to pack as much as they could into such a small space. The full step-by-step breakdown is available at the iFixit Web site.



Interesting teardown. I wish I could have gotten more out of it but somebody had WAY too much fun with effects. The stills were flipping around and splitting and multiplying so much it masked things I need to know. Like how many screws to remove the drive. What kind of fasteners are used on the bottom. The different way memory is mounted vs. earlier MacBooks, all useful stuff that got lost in the glitz.


Loosing the IR remote port is a shame.  I always use my remote for Keynote presentations.  This is a deal-breaker.

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