iFixit Strips 4th Gen iPod touch

Apple’s brand new fourth generation iPod touch went under the knife in iFixit’s labs mere hours after the media playback and gaming device arrived on customer’s doorsteps and documented the event with its usual series of photographs.

Much like the fourth generation iPod shuffle, there isn’t much that’s user serviceable inside the device, and simply opening it up could leave you with little more than an expensive paper weight.

The Retina Display is laminated to the surface glass, making it expensive to replace, just like the iPhone 4. Unlike the iPhone 4, however, the iPod touch display doesn’t offer as wide a viewing angle, hinting that it doesn’t include IPS technology.

The new iPod touch includes a nicer speaker and a small speaker grill next to the dock connector port, and the Wi-Fi antenna is close to the display glass which means the small plastic antenna cover on the back of previous models is gone.

The fourth genreation model includes the same A4 processor and 256 MB RAM found in the iPad. In comparison, the iPhone 4 includes 512 MB RAM.

Without a soldering iron and a lot of patience, most of what’s inside the new iPod touch isn’t going anywhere.

Apple introduced the fourth generation iPod touch at a special media event on September 1. Customers that pre-ordered one are already receiving theirs, and they should be available in stores soon, too.

The complete iPod touch teardown is available at the iFixit Web site.