iFixit Strips Down 13-inch MacBook Pro

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iFixit has already snagged a 13-inch MacBook Pro and stripped it down to its frame. As always, the iFixit team posted photos of the disassembly process on their Web site so you don't have to crack open your MacBook Pro to see what's inside.

According to iFixit, even though the battery in the 13-inch MacBook Pro is sealed inside the case, it's still fairly easy for users to access and replace with standard tools. While that won't help on a long flight, it does mean that MacBook Pro owners can save a little money by replacing worn out batteries on their own.

Image courtesy of iFixit

The new SD memory card slot leaves about half an inch of the card showing, which means that leaving a card in the slot all the time might not be a good idea.

The majority of the screws and brackets in the 13-inch MacBook Pro are the same as the discontinued unibody MacBook. Apparently Apple chose to modify the design it used for the unibody MacBook instead of starting over with a new case design and layout.

Even if you don't plan on disassembling your brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro, it's still worth checking out iFixit's Web site to see what's inside your shiny new computer.



Is Apple getting ready to remove optical drives from all its computers?
Why can’t retail software be delivered on a SD card? They are pretty cheap.
Why do you need an optical drive?
1. watch movies? yes.
2. burn a CD to distribute some files? No. USB sticks.


Optical drive for importing CD audio. Not all music is available online. People already have music on CDs. Some don’t want to buy their music in download only format.


Optical drive for importing CD audio.

I agree.
But, I think that Apple will just sell an external, FireWire, combo(CD, DVD, Blu-ray) drive.


Is Apple getting ready to remove optical drives from all its computers?

Interesting thought. Many of the same arguments against ditching optical media were made when Apple ditched the floppy. I know about the only time I use my optical drive is when I am installing/repairing the OS. Other than that it just sits there.

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