iFixIt Teardown: Apple TV’s Guts Similar to iPad

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Our friends at iFixIt have performed a teardown of the Apple TV that revealed many new features of the device, which just began shipping. First and foremost is the fact that the guts of the device shares many similarities with Apple’s iPad, including the processor, memory, and, of course, the operating system itself, iOS (though that was confirmed earlier this month).

The site found that the new Apple TV features 256MB of RAM, which is just like the iPad and 4th generation iPod touch (iPhone 4 features 512MB of RAM). The device is powered by Apple’s A4 processor, the same processor in the iPad, iPod touch (4th gen), and iPhone.

What has previously not been known is the 8GB of NAND flash memory the device uses as storage. Apple does not advertise storage on the device, and iFixIt suggested it could be used for caching streaming content.

Another new item is the WiFi board in the device, which was manufactured by Panasonic, the first such Panasonic WiFi board in any device, for BOM nerds keeping score at home.

Lastly, the teardown found that the power supply is rated 3.4V @ 1.75A, which comes out to a mere 5.95 watts of power consumption.

iFixIt has more images like the one below and more information in the full teardown.Inside the Apple TV

Source: iFixIt



8GB - can you say apps?

Dave Hamilton

8GB - can you say apps?

I think we’ll see some apps (a very limited, curated selection as Adam, Jeff, and Michael discussed on We Have Communicators 101), but I think this 8GB will also be used for a system buffer for “streamed” content.

Barry skidmore

It’s for is updates, takes a gig of ram, downloads 400ish MB unpacks and installs this will eat between 4 and 5 gig on every software update.

Then you have content caching, streaming, catalogs (netfilx)
And in the futue a larger OS plus possibly more providers…

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