ifoAppleStore Calls it Quits, 'My Work Is Done'

ifoAppleStore's Gary Allen announced over the weekend that he was calling it quits on regular coverage of Apple's fleet of retail stores. In an announcement titled "My Work Is Done," Mr. Allen said that when he started, there was little detailed coverage of Apple Stores, but that now, even mainstream coverage on Apple's retail goings on is extensive.

5th Avenue Apple Store

5th Avenue Apple Store

From that post:

After following Apple retail for 14 years, I’ve reached a happy ending, and am gracefully backing away from the crazy world of following the company and its stores. No more stories or analysis, or flying out to far-flung locations to join overnight crowds,waiting for the excitement of new store opening (NSO). I began this Web site as simply a way of celebrating the fun of grand openings and the close friendship of the people I met when I arrived in a new country or city.

My first overnight camp-out was with my son Devin on the sidewalk in front of the epic Palo Alto store in October 2001, I continued to other store openings with him in China, Australia, UK and other countries. I’ve visited over 140 stores around the world. I even drove cross-country back in 2011 to celebrate the chain’s first store. Along the way, I have enjoyed every experience and personal encounter. I’ve met and corresponded with people from every continent who share my enthusiasm for Apple, its employees and products. Back in 2001, It seemed like I was the only person studying the stores. In fact, most onlookers were skeptical of the stores’ future success.

Mr. Allen's coverage of Apple's retail stores has been excellent—it's a perverse aspect of Apple's extraordinary success that the mainstream light shined on the company often obviates the need for the niche sites that were originally thought of as the Mac Web.

I personally wish Mr. Allen all the success in the world and thank him for the excellent job he did for so many years covering Apple.

Cheers, mate.