IFTTT Expands Automation Options with iPhone Do Apps

IFTTT, the Web-based tool that links together Internet services, rolled out three new apps on Thursday designed to make it easier to build new workflows. Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note offer narrower options focused on specific tasks such as changing your smart thermostat temperature, or sending information to your Evernote account.

IFTTT's new iPhone app lineupIFTTT's new iPhone app lineup

Do Button lets you assign different actions to three buttons such as turning smart lights on or off, or setting your smart thermostat to a predefined temperature. It also includes a Notification Center widget so you can get at all three actions without first launching the app.

Do Camera lets you snap photos and send them to predefined services, such as Facebook and Evernote, email photos, or save photos to online services like Dropbox. Like Do Button, Do Camera lets you set three different actions.

Do Note lets you work with text much like Do Camera does for photos. It lets you send text to online services such as Evernote, and you can sent content to social networks like Twitter, too.

IFTTT also renamed its standard workflow building app to IF and gave it a redesigned interface, too.

Do Button, Do Camera, Do Note, and IF are free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store. You'll need a free IFTTT account to use the apps, too.